Blue Macaw tour sleeping in two regions into the hearth of the Pantanal

  • Destination: Pantanal - Brazil
  • Duration: 4 days

4 days and 3 nights

The Blue Macaw tour package 4 days and 3 nighhts in two different regions.

The Blue Macaw tour package gives the opportunity for the visitor to experience two different regions in the Southern Pantanal.

First night at a lodge on the edge of the Miranda river, riding boat at the Miranda river, night safari by boat, flotation down the river and canoeing. This first lodge is where most of the lodges are located and the two other nights the visitor will go further into the Pantanal sleeping two nights at the at Nhecolandia Farm located into the hearth of the pantana at Nhecolandia region where the visitor will experience different landscape and the chances to spot a diversity of birds and mammals is much higher.

I suggest to go for the 04 days and 03 nights, enough to cover the area, but the visitor can decide to stay as long as they want there, in Pantanal.

We recommend the travelers not to buy a tour package with “companies” that is not mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide book, or with any hostel in Campo Grande or Bonito that doesn’t provide insurance and transfer out.

Our prices are per person:

Minimum of two people:

Private room first night at a lodge on the edge of the Miranda river and the two other nights on a private room at Nhecolandia farm as well with A/C with toilet and shower: R$1900 per person with all included except drinks.

Single room first day on the edge of the Miranda river and the single room the other two nights at Nhecolandia Farm staying 04 days & 03 nights : R$2200 private room in both places except drinks.

We have a group everyday but is better to reserve in advance!


Private transfer in and out from Campo Grande to pantanal and drop you off to your destination.

Accomodation in two different regions.

09 meals during the four days in Pantanal.

English speaking guides

Canoeing (First Lodge)

Boat riding (First lodge)

Flotation down the river (first lodge)

Night safari by boat (First lodge)

Jeep safari at Nhecolandia region (Second Lodge)

Walking Tours night and day (Second Lodge)

Piranha fishing (Second Lodge)

Horse riding (Second Lodge)

We catered vegetarian food

All the tours are well organized by the guides in Pantanal.

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