Dear Folks,

Welcome to one of the unique region to spot pure nature in the world, the SOUTHERN PANTANAL & BONITO.

PS. Coming from Foz do Iguassu to the Southern Pantanal, we recommend you to come to Campo Grande first where we have our company and here we can give great discounts and also great tips how to save money while visiting other attractions such as Bonito and Corumbá.

PANTANAL DISCOVERY With an office in downtown in Campo Grande, at Mohave hotel, our company offers tours to the Pantanal that provide the upmost of enjoyable experience. One of the oldest and the most experience tour companies operating in the region, we have 3-5 day trips that go deep into the center of the Pantanal. Nights are spent at a nice lodge in one of the best location in pantanal. We offer great accommodations: Private rooms, dorms with shower and A/C at the lodge and hammocks at the farm while days are spent exploring the wetlands.

There are several advantages to taking a trip from Campo Grande with our company:

1. You can take the tour on the same day of your arrival in Campo Grande, saving you both time and money.

2. You can also stay in our Hotel in Campo Grande, if you would like to spend one day visiting Campo Grande.

3. PANTANAL DISCOVERY TOURS has over 25 years of experience with sending tours into the Pantanal. We have worked with such television studies as Tros TV from Holand, BBC from London, and Fuji & NHK from Japan. SMH (Australian newspaper) The Sunday Star (South Africa) we are also recommended in a number of guide books for South America, including Lonely Planet, Petit Futé, Fodor’s and Let’s Go, so you know you’re going with a reliable company.

4. Our company operates tours from the center of the SOUTHERN PANTANAL in one of the best areas for spotting wildlife. The wetlands surrounding our lodge are home to a variety of mammals and birds, including: Jacaré alligators, Capibaras, armadillos, and Jaguars, and we do the upmost to show you them all.

5. After the tour we can drop you off in Bonito, at the Brazilian border to Bolivia, or back to Campo Grande should you be continuing in those directions

6. Don’t worry about hidden costs; our tour prices cover, transfers, accommodations, food, knowledgeable guides and the activities. The only things you have to pay for are drinks. Also included in our price are the following:

-Transfers in /out – 03 Meals a day at the lodge

– Accommodations: Hammocks, Dorms & Private room.

– Knowledgeable English Speaking guide

– Boat trips along the river

-Horse ride searching for wildlife

– Fishing for Piranha – Riding inner-tubes down the river

– Walking Tour Night & Day

– Sunrise Walking

– Car safari

– Night safari

– Canoeing

– Medicinal Plants explanation

– First aid Kit.

7. For those traveling on to Bonito, but still traveling within Brazil, it’s logistically cheaper to go first to the Pantanal (see the map).For those traveling on to Bonito who also want to visit the Pantanal, PANTANAL DISCOVERY TOURS take you from bonito to the Pantanal, and drops you off back to Campo Grande or to Corumbá. Gil can also provide you with helpful information about the natural attractions that surround the town. We arrange tours for you in advance, flights and bus tickets, commissions-free. We also provide great tips for you to expend less money in Bonito, and we will inform you about all the trains from Corumba to Bolivia (up dated info)

8. Ps. make sure to adjust your clock 1 hour behind up on your arrival in Campo Grande!

9. We also have optional flights available to Pantanal.

10. Do not miss our Friday & Saturday samba night live music, where you can eat brazilian food, learn how to play some of the instrument or dance the amazing typical music from Brazil. F.A.Q. : ????

– How many days are the tours available?
As long as you want to stay with us in the Pantanal

– Is there Malaria or Yellow fever in the Pantanal?
No, not a single case was ever mentioned.

– When do we go to Pantanal?
Everyday and the tour departs from Campo Grande at 7:30 or 10:30, from Bonito at 9:00 and from Corumbá at 6:30 or 13:00.

– How many people in the group?
Max. 08 people per guide.

– Do we cater vegetarian food?
Yes, we catered vegetarian food on request.

– What to bring?

Mosquitoes repellent, sun lotion, sun glasses, hat, shorts, swimming suit, long trousers, long sleeve top, camera, binoculars and lots of films, snacks and biscuits.

Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you soonIn Campo Grande. Our office at Mohave hotel isOpen everyday from 5am-10pm Sincerely,

Gil and the Crew

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